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Oakbridge Special Education


Students are supported to make sense of the world, socially and through language and/or other methods of communication in every activity. We use and share a ‘Total Communication’ approach to support understanding alongside the SCERTS framework which enables students to optimise the way in which they access the curriculum.

All students will participate in highly individualised programmes that lead to greater independence in their everyday lives. On entry to the provision, personalised learning and development aims for each of the students are established based on the outcomes identified in their EHCP, and through various assessment information, which are used to inform the basis of their learning pathway.

We offer two main Curriculum Pathways:

Pathway to Working Life – The programme is based around work experience and employability skills with a vocational taster based on the individual’s future plans of progression.

Pathway to Independence - This pathway enables students to acquire knowledge, understanding and skills in a number of areas including Community Living Skills, Communication/Social Interaction and Health and Wellbeing.

Personalised programmes are then further developed according to individual strengths, interests and aspirations.

All specialist support and input, including speech and language therapy, behaviour support, physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and mental health support is coordinated with learning and integrated into daily activities. Learners have daily opportunities to develop their communication skills and make relevant personal choices and decisions.

Functional Skills

Literacy, numeracy and ICT are embedded in everyday activities. Students have opportunities to gain national approved qualifications  from Pre-Entry up to Level 2.

Students are supported to plan and evaluate their own learning, through using Evidence for Learning and personalised workbooks (with visual prompts as necessary) to monitor and record their work and progress


Students are supported to make sense of the world, both socially and through language and/or other methods of communication in every activity. A Speech and Language Therapist carries out formal and informal assessments to set functional and meaningful targets that can be delivered throughout our curriculum and at home.

Health and Wellbeing

Students learn in a sensory–rich environment, with resources and activities developed matched to individual needs. Staff work closely with specialist professionals and parents/carers as required, in order to ensure that each student’s needs are fully supported. There are weekly sensory enhancement sessions to promote acquisition of self-regulation strategies.


The 8 Gatsby Benchmarks framework underpins the Employability course at Oakbridge to ensure that a high-quality careers programme is delivered.

Employability skills and work experience are developed based on the individual’s future plans of progression. Students, parents/carers,  are supported by our independent careers advisor in the planning of the young person’s employability journey.

Students access both internal and external work experience opportunities to support their goals and aspirations for future employment. Each student is assigned a personal Job Coach to help with compiling their Vocational Profile and identifying their appropriate chosen destination point.

The pathway to ‘Working Life’ also includes activities linked to life skills and well being to encourage personal development and social integration within the community. Students benefit from accessing regular opportunities within the local community, which helps promote the development of a range of skills and competencies including social interaction and effective communication.

We offer students opportunities to experience and gain skills in a range of vocational areas including horticulture, catering, retail and social enterprise. Students also have the opportunity to work, make and sell products at the ‘Lodge Shop’ in East Finchley run by our supporting charity, Hearts of Oak.

Independence and Community Living Skills

Preparation for adulthood is the key feature of our independence programme. All students have opportunities to participate in activities related to their special abilities and interests, including shopping, money and budget skills; preparing meals and snacks; laundry skills using a launderette; personal hygiene and healthy living skills. Many of these activities are carried out in our own onsite ‘Life Skills House’.

Our curriculum provides daily opportunities for learners to access local community facilities to promote healthy and active lifestyles. This includes swimming, trampolining, circuit training, gym and drama. As students develop their skills, we aim to introduce safe and independent travel training, to prepare them for the next stage of their learning or transition to adult life.