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Oakbridge Special Education


Most students join Oakbridge following completion of a Post-16 course in a special school or special academy. However, we will always consider suitable admission requests from other prospective students.

Pre-Entry Assessment

All applications for admission to Oakbridge will follow an assessment process that includes receiving reports from and visiting the applicant in their current educational setting. Pre-entry assessment will also draw on wider information from parents, carers and other professionals who are supporting the applicant’s academic, health or social development in order to determine the suitability of Oakbridge for the applicant’s needs.


Under the Children and Families Act 2014, parents or carers have the right to express a preference for a specific provision. A final decision about placement however, will always be made by the applicant’s home local authority.

For a young person to be admitted to Oakbridge, the home local authority must agree to fund the placement and the provision must be named in the applicant’s Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP).

We welcome the opportunity to meet prospective applicants and their parents/carers. Should you wish to arrange an appointment please contact us via the form below or by email to info@oakbridgesen.org.